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Federal Work Study

College Work-Study Program:

The Work-Study Program is a federally funded financial aid program whose purpose is to stimulate and promote part-time employment for students in need of earnings to finance their educational expenses. Work-study jobs are not intended to replace existing staff positions.

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Community Work Study
  • Percentage Paid by Work Study
  • Weekly Limits
  • Processing Each Aid Period for Work
  • Canceled or Declined Work-Study
  • Pay Rates
  • Award Amounts
  • Job Referrals and Job Listings
  • Work Study Questions Regarding Student Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements:
1) The student must demonstrate financial need through a federally approved method of needs analysis by completing and completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. The form can be accessed at


2) The student must be enrolled at half time which is five credits for MSU Law students (three credits for summer). Please note: if you are a non-MSU Law student then you should contact the financial aid office at your college for Work-Study eligibility and assistance.

Community Work-Study Instructions

Community service jobs include positions that "are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents or to solve particular problems related to their needs." Click here for more information.

Percentage Paid by Work Study:
Seventy percent (75%) of the student's gross wages are paid with Work-Study funds. On-campus student wages are calculated through the payroll system. Off-campus student wages are paid in full by the employer, and reimbursement of seventy-five percent is made to the employer afterwards. The student's gross wages are deducted from the Work-Study award.

Weekly Limits:
According to University and ABA guidelines, a Work-Study student can work no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year. Students may work up to 40 hours per week during finals week, summer semesters, and between semester breaks.

Processing Each Aid Period for Work:
There are two periods each year for processing student aid – Fall/Spring academic year and Summer semester. For these periods, the student must be given a NEW AWARD by the Office of Financial Aid through the same needs analysis test (FAFSA form) as previously described above.

Canceled or Declined Work Study:
Many factors may affect a student's Work-Study allotment, including revisions, which could reduce or increase the award due to other changes in the aid package or requests made by the student.

Pay Rates:
Pay rates for Work-Study students are determined by the College of Law and by the job the student is working. All on-campus rates must correspond with the standard job classification system. Any questions should be directed to the Career Services Office at 517-432-6830. Please note that all off-campus pay rates must correspond with the Federal Minimum Wage laws, but are not limited to such.

Award Amounts:

Work-Study awards are generally calculated by the Office of Financial Aid using the hourly wage, average number of hours to be worked and number of weeks for the position.  However some awards are stipulated by specific departments.

Furthermore, Work-Study students can continue employment after exhausting the work study award amount for the aid period, provided the employer is willing to pay 100% of the student's earnings. These additional earnings will not jeopardize the student's current financial aid package but will impact financial aid eligibility for future semesters.

Job Referrals and Job Listings:
Please call the Career Services Office for all your questions regarding job listings, classifications, and pay rates at 517-432-6830.

Impact on Federal Student Loan Eligibility

Financial aid, whether private or federal, cannot exceed the student's cost of attendance.  Federal Work-Study is financial aid, therefore any Work-Study award reduces eligibility for federal and private loan.  The following examples are provided as illustrations:

Example A (student with Work-Study)
Cost of Attendance $50000
Work-Study Award $4500
Direct Loan $20500
GradPLUS Loan $25000
Example A (student without Work-Study)
Cost of Attendance $50000
Direct Loan $20500
GradPLUS Loan $29500

Work Study Questions Regarding Student Eligibility:
Employers may call John Garcia at 517-432-6810 or email to
Students may call the Office of Financial Aid at 517-432-6810.

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