MSU College of Law


Since the College of Law follows the MSU holiday schedule, we are able to publish holidays for the next three years. The following holiday schedules apply.

Holiday Schedule
New Years Thursday, Jan. 1
New Years Friday, Jan. 2 Friday, Jan. 1 Monday, Jan. 2
Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, Jan. 19 Monday, Jan. 18 Monday, Jan. 16
Memorial Day Monday, May 25 Monday, May 30 Monday, May 29
Independence Day Friday, July 3 Monday, July 4 Tuesday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, Sept. 7 Monday, Sept. 5 Monday, Sept. 4
Thanksgiving Thursday, Nov. 26 Thursday, Nov. 24 Thursday, Nov. 23
Thanksgiving Friday, Nov. 27 Friday, Nov. 25 Friday, Nov. 24
Christmas Thursday, Dec. 24 Friday, Dec. 23 Monday, Dec. 25
Christmas Friday, Dec. 25 Monday, Dec. 26 Tuesday, Dec. 26
New Years Thursday, Dec. 31 Friday, Dec. 30

Winter Break

Directors will decide how to staff their departments during the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Each employee is required to work at least one of these days. Staff members who work more than one of the days in this period will be allowed to take another day after the holiday period for each extra day worked. Any such days must be used by June 30, and the time off must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.