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Welcome Message from the Office of Student Engagement

Dear Members of the 2014 Incoming Class: 

In the Office of Student Engagement, we put students at the center of our mission. Appreciating that essential education takes place outside as well as inside the classroom, the OSE supports this broader effort by offering a range of programs and initiatives to promote student achievement, wellness, professionalism, leadership, service, motivation and resilience.

We look forward to meeting you in August.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have before arriving on campus.


Dean Connell Alsup, Associate Dean for Student Engagement and Registrar,

Student Achievement

Dean Alsup and Caroline assist incoming students throughout their first year with difficult decisions related to their academics to talk through any concerns that arise. We can give students assistance creating a study schedule, talking through time management, test anxiety, advise on academic policies and procedures and assist with individual exam strategies. At the conclusion of your first year, Dean Alsup and Caroline can help you build your unique upper level course schedules, ensuring you create a schedule with balance each semester, meet graduation requirements and take courses that will assist you in succeeding on the bar exam and in your legal career.

Student Wellness

Even during law school, life continues to happen! Unfortunately, many of our students will experience a crisis of some nature during their three years here. Whether that crisis is a personal health emergency, long term illness, mental health issue, bereavement, family or marriage breakdowns, we are here to assist you. We have access to many resources both on MSU’s campus and in the local area and can assist you with referrals. At the same time, we will advocate for you and assist you in navigating academic course requirements and exams to minimize any negative impact that your wellness matters may have on your academics.


During Immersion Week and through your Online Orientation, the Office of Student Engagement will provide you your first introduction to professionalism and the role of this within your new career as a lawyer. During this process you’ll become more familiar with how important ethics and professionalism are to a legal practice. OSE will oversee this component to round out your legal education during your three years here, with programming and seminars.


OSE oversees and advises the Student Bar Association and manages the nearly 50 student groups that create student life and community at the Law College. OSE will host a Student Group Fair the Wednesday after Labor Day for the entire school, with a special invitation to all of our 1L students. At the Fair, you’ll learn more about what groups exist at the Law College.


OSE cultivates important links to the community while instilling an ethic of service in our students by encouraging and coordinating outreach efforts throughout the year. The first exposure will take place during Immersion Week with an optional Service Project day, where incoming 1L students will work alongside upper level student leaders to assist local non-profit agencies in the local area.

Motivation and Resilience

During your first year of law school, you will face new challenges analogous to learning a new language. You’ll read dense materials and learn how to pick out what is important for legal reasoning and then create what you’ll learn to be a brief. You’ll participate in a unique classroom experience where professors will use a Socratic method to have you present specific details from the reading in a group setting. It can be overwhelming in the beginning. It is unlike any undergraduate study you have experienced before. The transition for first year students can be difficult. The team in OSE is here to help you through that process holistically – to consider your academics, how you are feeling and adjusting to the new experience. We are here to support the whole student.

Online Orientation

You will receive an email to announce the launch of the Online Orientation website providing you the shortcut to that page. Remember, too, that you can always find your way to the site from this Incoming 1L J.D. resource page. The Online Orientation portal has multiple steps for you to work through, including brief webisodes, a video tour, computer tutorials and resource links. You should complete the Online Orientation at your own pace prior to the start of Immersion Week. As you will discover, the Online Orientation program is designed to provide you with a range of helpful information: how to obtain your student ID card and locker; how to set up internet and printing access in the building; and academic policies and procedures that you are required to review and be familiar with as an MSU Law student. We have designed this portal for ease of use and to cut down on the time that you would be busy during the live Immersion Week. We are very much looking forward to your arrival and want to welcome you and encourage you to stop by at any time.

Office of Student Engagement

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