MSU College of Law

Immersion Week

Your legal education as a new, first-year law student at MSU begins with Immersion Week, a mandatory component of the 1L program that is designed to help you transition from being an undergraduate student to a law student. Immersion Week includes your first required course, Foundations of Law, a commitment to professionalism program, the opportunity to meet and interact with faculty members and classmates, and an optional service project.

Immersion Week - August 22-26:

  • Foundations of Law is a one-credit hour course taught during Immersion Week. The course provides a common foundation for students from a wide variety of academic majors.  There are two assigned texts for Foundations of Law, and both texts should be read prior to Immersion Week.
  • Research, Writing, and Analysis course (one class meeting)
  • Professionalism in Action Program features an in-depth discussion about legal ethics, with remarks delivered by practicing attorneys and judges.
  • Lunch and other events designed to introduce you to faculty members, staff, and your classmates.
  • Presentations by the MSU Law Career Services staff.
  • Writing Skills Inventory; Technology Training
  • A Community Service Project that allows incoming students to assist area nonprofit agencies in need of assistance.