MSU College of Law

Educational Objectives

Legal interaction between America and Japan (governmental, commercial, and individual) is an important focus for both nations. Moreover, the economic and cultural importance of Japanese-U.S. relations cannot be understated. Japan is a major trading partner with the United States and also a major partner in cultural exchange. Increasingly, the Japanese legal system has looked to the United States as a source, although not the only source, for addressing the legal ramifications of the shift to a more global economy and global cultural perspective. Nowhere is this more clear than in the recent Japanese adoption of a U.S. style law school system. The Summer Program focuses on various aspects of this complex and important relationship, from a constitutional, transactional, comparative, and cultural perspective. Additionally, the Program will offer courses that focus more generally on constitutional and/or comparative law issues, as well as on cultural dynamics that can effect Japanese/U.S. relations. Students will also have the opportunity to visit a Japanese prison, courthouse, and to meet Japanese lawyers and law students.