The Center for Law, Technology & Innovation

Historically, attempting to increase access to legal services has meant pouring resources into existing systems. But that approach has not worked. More recently, the focus has shifted to technology. We also leverage technology, but recognize that poorly defined processes, standards, and metrics lead to ineffective implementation. Understanding existing processes and how they produce (or fail to produce) value for clients creates a pathway to improving legal-service delivery. This way, we can measurably improve access with fewer resources.

LegalRnD believes that innovation through legal research and development will bring the law to everyone. If you share this belief, we would love to work with you.

Why Michigan State University

CLTI is a perfect fit at Michigan State University College of Law. As a prototype land-grant institution, MSU’s mission includes serving the public through finding practical applications for scientific research and technological innovations. Just as MSU was the country’s first higher-ed institution to teach scientific agriculture, CLTI works through the LegalRnD Lab to lead the legal industry through the use of scientific research and development, organizational excellence, and technology. Meanwhile, the Law College 


  • Artificial Intelligence & Law
  • Delivering Legal Services: New Legal Landscapes
  • Quantitative Analysis for Lawyers
  • Information Privacy and Security Law
  • Litigation: {Data, Theory, Practice, & Process}
  • Entrepreneurial Lawyering
  • E-Discovery