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Computer Lab

201 Law College Bldg.

The computer lab is located in Room 201 of the Law College Building on the campus of Michigan State University. The computer lab is a division of the Law Library and is managed by the Computer Services Librarian: Jim LaMacchia, 517/432-6866.

Hours of operation. The lab hours parallel those of the Law Library.

A lab monitor is scheduled to be on duty during all hours of operation. Please ask the lab monitor for assistance with any questions you have as to the set up of your account or any questions you have pertaining to software applications.

The computer lab has 40 current Dell OptiPlex computers networked to 3 high speed Laser Printers for lab printing, two Lexis printers for Lexis-Nexis printing, and two WestLaw printers for WestLaw printing. Also available is a quiet room with two stations. Each of these stations can be reserved in advance.

Stations 25-39 are equipped with Zip drives. The Zip drives can accept either 250 mb. or 100 mb. zip disks.

All stations will accept 1.4 floppies and portable USB storage drives.
Station 29 is equipped with a personal printer for use with special stationary and for resume printing.

The lab also has a typewriter (for filling out bar application forms and government job application forms), staplers, hole punch, scissors, tape and other items necessary for memos, reports and documents.

Law students must establish a Novell Network account for lab use. Please inquire with the lab monitor for information and assistance on acquiring an account.

Access Policy The lab is open only to members of the MSU Law community. This includes MSU Law students, faculty and staff.

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