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Law Review & Journal Publication Information

Law Review Addresses and Submission Information

Jurist Legal Intelligence - Law Reviews Comprehensive web site includes submissions information, tables of contents, contact information and more.

Submission Methods Compilation of submission method information compiled by MSU Law Library staff.

Findlaw's Law Review Editorial Addresses Selective list of law review addresses organized by rank.

Rankings and Evaluations

US News & World Report's Law School Rankings Law school rankings, including tiers.

American Legal Periodicals - Washington and Lee University School of Law Includes three separate rankings of law reviews and specialized journals. Data may be manipulated using various criteria. Links to some law review web sites are also available.

Article: The Citing of Law Reviews by the Supreme Court: 1971 - 1999, by Louis J. Sirico, Jr., 75 Indiana Law Journal 1009 (2000). Study of the citation practices of the US Supreme Court. Includes methodology, tables and findings.

Article: An Empirical Evaluation of Specialized Law Reviews, by Tracey E. George and Chris Guthrie, 26 Florida State University Law Review 813 (1999). Analyzes the rise of specialized law reviews and includes empirical ranking of the top 100 specialized law reviews.

Miscellaneous Information

Navigating the Law Review Article Selection Process: An Empirical Study of Those With All the Power - Student Editors, By Leah M. Christensen and Julie A. Oseid, posted on the Social Sciences Research Network. This study attempts to shed light on the process used by student editors when they select law review articles for publication, and provides suggestions for navigating this process.

The Law Review Article Selection Process: Results from a National Study, By Jason P. Nance and Dylan J. Steinberg, posted on the Social Sciences Research Network. An empirical study of the factors that influence the law review selection process.

Publishing in Law Reviews and Journals - Harvard Law School Library "Guide designed to assist authors in submitting articles for publication in law reviews and journals." Includes references to print resources, as well as Internet resources.

Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals, By Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit posted on the Social Sciences Research Network. This article contains information about submitting articles to law reviews and journals, including the methods for submitting an article, any special formatting requirements, how to contact them to request an expedited review, and how to contact them to withdraw an article from consideration. It covers about 188 law reviews. The document was fully updated on June 9, 2009.

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