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“I came to the United States from China to further my legal education. I wanted to be an international lawyer and return home to China with my knowledge to improve its legal system. I chose MSU College of Law because of its excellent professors. They give me an opportunity to know U.S. and international law, a good combination that adds to my understanding of Chinese law. The most memorable experience here is the ‘open door’ policy of professors. Students are welcome to speak with the professors any time. This ‘people first’ education model is the very secret of MSU College of Law’s success in legal education.”

— Yunfei Zhao, LL.M. ’04 (China)

"My professors here are definitely a bunch of legal geniuses whose combined academic expertise and practical experiences skillfully transform theories and principles into working tools needed by law students not only in passing the bar exams but in preparing them to become competent practitioners in any legal field."

- Marlon Moneva, LL.M. ’12 (Philippines)

"During my LL.M. program, I explored the complex US legal system, enjoyed sharing experiences with many other multicultural classmates, benefitted from productive discussions and seminars in the classroom, and learned a lot from very knowledgeable and practical professors. Studying at MSU was one of the most challenging and fulfilling periods of my life.  The support from professors and teaching assistants is really appreciated and was so helpful for my study."

- Munkhtsetseg Badarch, Mongolia, LL.M. ’11 (Mongolia)

"Michigan State University College of Law is the place that I considered appropriate for my LL.M. because of the cultural richness and high academic standards that place it in the ranks of the best universities in North America and the world."

- Juan Pablo Martinez-Uribe, LL.M. ’12 (Colombia)