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MSU Law’s LL.M. and M.J. programs provide a rigorous yet flexible academic curriculum designed to advance the legal training of those who completed their legal education in a foreign jurisdiction, or of U.S. lawyers interested in gaining an expertise in Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law.

The program, which can be customized to align with candidates’ professional goals and interests, will:

  • Prepare students to work in a multinational legal environment and improve their ability to represent clients in transactions with U.S. entities
  • Provide solid practical and theoretical experience in the American legal system or intellectual property and communications law
  • Qualify candidates to take the bar examination in Michigan, California, New York, and many other U.S. jurisdictions
  • Augment students’ understanding of the English language, legal English, and American culture
  • Build a foundation for a lasting professional network
  • Enhance career opportunities

Candidates are guided in their preparation by expert faculty members who have lived and practiced abroad, all while joining a thriving intellectual community of more than 4,000 international scholars representing 125 countries. Students will be immersed in American culture while finding many of the comforts of home right here in East Lansing.

English Language Training, U.S. Legal System Orientation, and Other Student Services

Before students even arrive on campus, MSU Law immerses graduate students in legal English, study of the U.S. legal system, and other tools to help them succeed in their degree and obtain the best education possible. Students may also take as much English preparation as they desire at Michigan State University’s English Language Center during or before starting the graduate program. MSU Law also provides a rigorous legal English, U.S. legal system, and study skills program during its Graduate Student Orientation “Boot Camp.”

Students receive one-on-one advising and support during the application process, at orientation, and throughout their time at MSU Law.

Extracurricular Experiences

Students in the LL.M. and M.J. programs experience first-hand the best the U.S. legal system has to offer, with extra-curricular activities that range from observing Michigan Supreme Court proceedings to visiting the state’s top tourist destinations, leading law firms, and other locations.

“Joining the LL.M. program at MSU Law has been a great life experience. I have made friends from all over the world. We share the same environment, have similar goals, and work with outstanding professors.”

— Gulfem Erdemir (Turkey), LL.M. ’12