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Program and Living Costs

Tuition and Fees
2014 tuition and fees are as follows:

Tuition: $900 per credit hour. Students are expected to take three credit hours. Exceptions may be made to allow for fewer courses at the discretion of the program directors.

Activity Fee: $400 per student

Medical Insurance and Evacuation Fee: $500 per student. This fee is assessed by the MSU Office of Study Abroad. The fee covers health insurance, an emergency assistance card for immediate telephone access to the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety, emergency medical evacuations, and routine scanning of U.S. State Department travel warnings.

cafeProgram Housing and Housing Fees
Students are responsible for acquiring their own accommodations.

Housing for students is available at Alexander Fleming Hall in east London. Alexander Fleming Hall is within walking distance of the financial district and various tourist attractions including the Law Courts and the famous St. Paul's Cathedral, and about 25-30 minutes to the University of Westminster Cavendish campus where classes are held.

Single rooms at Alexander Fleming are charged at the rate of £42 per night (about $69). The facility has shared bathrooms. Please note, there is a very limited number of rooms and they may run out, so students interested in Alexander Fleming Hall are encouraged to reserve rooms as soon as possible.

Rooms at Alexander Fleming Hall can be booked online: Questions regarding University of Westminster housing should be sent to:

Other Housing Opportunities
Students planning to secure alternative housing must notify the program directors upon submitting their application.

Living Expenses
There are numerous restaurants in London, from the inexpensive to the expensive, featuring all sorts of cuisines. Students also will have access to the Westminster University cafeterias, which offer good food at low cost.

Public transportation in London is excellent and affordable. It is recommended that students who will use public transport frequently obtain an Oyster card.

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