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Michigan State University-DCL College of Law launches Master of Laws (LL.M) Program and welcomes law talent from across the globe

For Release August 25, 2003

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Michigan State University-DCL College of Law welcomed six international lawyers into the Master of Laws (LL.M) Program in the American Legal System this fall

A new addition to MSU-DCL, the LL.M Program is designed for foreign lawyers who want to advance their knowledge of the laws and jurisprudence in the United States. In addition to receiving an in-depth understanding of the U.S. legal system, students in the program may focus their work in the areas of International & Comparative Law, Public Law, or Business and Commercial Law.

“ We are pleased that we have attracted highly qualified men and women from six different nations,” said LL.M director Jeremy Harrison. “We anticipate the program will grow over the next several years and we are proud to have this opportunity to serve lawyers and scholars from around the world.”

The six LL.M students come to MSU-DCL with various work histories and backgrounds in law. Redmond Atie, a graduate of Lebanese University, worked as a legal assistant before coming to the United States. He also studied criminal justice at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kan. Mohamed El Sharnoby of Egypt is a graduate of Aim Shams Faculty of Law and also studied political science at Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti, Mich. He also established his own law firm in Egypt in 1997. Muna Jondy, a native of Canada and a graduate of the University of Manitoba, has worked as a legal advisor and representative for legal aid clients in Canada. Braulio Munoz is the former assistant director of the Mexican Federal Police. He also has a master’s degree in English and worked as an instructor at Central Michigan University. Yunfei Zhao is a graduate of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and worked as a legal assistant in China. She also has published three articles on law in China. Mahbuba Fidda is a native of Afghanistan. She is fluent in five languages and has worked as a library assistant at MSU-DCL for the past five years.

Michigan State University-DCL College of Law, formerly known as Detroit College of Law, was founded in 1891 and was the first law school in Detroit. To extend its commitments to educational excellence, the Detroit College of Law affiliated with Michigan State University in 1995 and moved to MSU’s East Lansing campus in 1997.

The move to MSU enabled the Law College to build a $28 million facility and provide law students the benefits of a Big Ten university while maintaining its private law school status. Today, MSU-DCL remains the nation’s oldest continuously operating independent law school.