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September 13, 2007


MSU Law to Celebrate Constitution Day

Law College Will Host Lecture in Recognition of 220th Anniversary of United States Constitution

EAST LANSING, MI – Michigan State University College of Law will celebrate Constitution Day on September 17, 2007: a day that marks the 220th anniversary of our nation’s founding document.

In recognition of Constitution Day, Professor Matthew L.M. Fletcher, director of the Law College’s Indigenous Law & Policy Center, will give a lecture entitled "Rule of Law and Constitutional Aspects of Indian Law." His lecture, based on his paper "The Supreme Court and the Rule of Law: Indian Law Case Studies," will examine whether Supreme Court decisions are actually based on the "rule of law" as the Court suggests. Professor Fletcher argues that is not the case especially in the body of federal Indian law as demonstrated by tribes losing nearly three-quarters of their cases before the Supreme Court since 1988.

"Constitution Day is a chance to reflect upon the significance of a document that has survived the test of time and still breathes life into our legal and governing structures," Professor Fletcher said. "My talk celebrates the fact that, although we may disagree about specific questions, we all agree that the Constitution is the legitimate starting point for these discussions."

Professor Fletcher’s lecture will take place on Monday, September, 17, 2007 at noon in Room 472 of the Law College Building. His paper is available at

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