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MSU College of Law

MSU Law Clinics Showcased at Conference

Midwest Clinic Teachers ConferenceMichigan State University College of Law will showcase its clinics and its commitment to experiential learning during the Midwest Clinic Teachers’ Conference to be held September 12-14.

The three-day conference brings together more than 85 faculty members from around the country to explore the latest developments in providing law students with clinical experience. The conference’s extensive slate of plenary and working group sessions offers an opportunity for professors in difference programs to collaborate and showcase the work at MSU Law and other law schools.

“I hope everyone comes away feeling that their assumptions about clinical education have been challenged, and they have some new ideas to bring back to the students in their classrooms, their institutions, and their clients” said Professor Nina W. Tarr, visiting professor of law. She oversees MSU Law’s Conflict Resolution Clinic.

MSU Law Legal Clinics offer students real-world experience handling actual cases under faculty guidance in ten areas of interest. The students are able to explore their career interests while offering counsel to members of the community.

The conference is hosted by the MSU College of Law with financial support from MSU Law, the Association of American Law Schools and the Clinical Legal Education Association.

Learn more about the Midwest Clinic Teachers’ Conference.

Last updated:August 28, 2014

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