MSU College of Law

Indigenous Law and Policy Professors Leading the Restatement of Indian Law

Professors Matthew Fletcher and Wenona Singel are Project Reporter and Associate Reporter (respectively) for the first-ever Restatement of American Indian Law. Their work was featured as a “Project Spotlight” on the cover of the winter 2016 edition of the ALI Reporter, the organization’s quarterly newsletter.

The Restatement of American Indian Law will cement the foundational principles in the field. Topics include federal/tribal relations, state/tribal relations, tribal jurisdiction and authority, and Indian Country business law. This project furthers ALI’s mission to provide scholarly works which can clarify, modernize, and improve the law. Restatements often play a key role in shaping state and federal policy.

“People are very interested in Indian law being more accessible for practitioners who don’t specialize in this area,” said Singel. “I think there’s a lot of support for developing this as a product that will increase the bar’s understanding, knowledge, and ability to correctly identify appropriate case law and correctly cite doctrine from Indian law. So we’re very excited about the ability to educate the bar regarding this area.”