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Equipment Request Policy

Supporting use of technology in the classroom is one of the primary goals of Technology Services. Our technology equipment may be reserved for use by any MSU Law Faculty, Staff, or Student for no charge for college related events. Outside sources meeting in the Law College building, may also use our equipment for a fee. We require that you contact us at least 48 business hours prior to the time you will be needing the equipment. Please use Web Services or email to reserve any equipment. A list of available technology is here. Additionally, several of the classrooms have permanently installed instructional technology.

Special Equipment Requests

Technology Services does not have all the equipment needed for every request. In order to accommodate technology requests, it is sometimes necessary to rent equipment from the MSU Instructional Media Center (IMC) in order to satisfy some of your technological needs. Due to limited availability and the long setup time required for some equipment, please observe the following guidelines for special equipment requests:

  • Advance technology (i.e., more then just PowerPoint) in Moot Court or Distance Learning rooms: five working days
  • Video cameras for recording: five working days
  • Videoconferencing, distance learning technology: at least two weeks

These guidelines are based on events held during normal working hours. If you need special technology equipment for an evening or weekend event, follow those guidelines for both equipment and staff requests.

Additions or Major Changes to Existing Requests

Additions or major changes to an existing request are treated like a new request and the guidelines are applied from the time of the change.

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