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College & University Provided Services

The College and the University provides several technology related services to students.

Network Access

The Law College has an extensive wired computer network and wireless network. Instructions are available or contact the MSU Law Help Desk for assistance connecting to the network.

Dial-Up Internet Access

MSU provides dial-up Internet access free to all students within the local (517) calling area. The East Lansing local area dial-up number is 517.999.2678. Setup instructions are available from MSU. Contact MSU's ATS Help Desk for help with Dial-up.


The university provides free email use to all students. Additional information is available here. To check your MSU email log into Contact MSU's ATS Help Desk for help with email.

Web Pages and Network Space

Each MSU student is allocated central storage space called AFS space. AFS space offers users an easily accessible place to store data files that may be needed in a variety of locations. We highly recommend its use as a back up for important data files such as term papers or dissertations. Additional, this space can be used for a personal web page. More information is available here. Contact MSU's ATS Help Desk for help with AFS space.

Student Distributed Printing (Law College Network Only)

The Law College is running a trial of a new Student Distributed Printing system within the Law College network. This system is only accessible from within the Law College Building, and only available when your laptop is connected to the Law College network via our internal wired and wireless network connections. Detailed information regarding the system, including software installation instructions and detailed documentation can be found at the Student Distributed Printing home page:

IMPORTANT NOTE: this web site can only be viewed when you are connected to the Law College network from inside the Law College Building. You cannot access this link or the printers in this system if you are connected to the Internet from another location.

Classroom Calendar Views

The Classroom Calendar View system provides the ability to view classes and events scheduled into any classroom within the MSU College of Law, by month and day. it is provided to allow students and others to view classroom activity by individual room, or by viewing groups of third and fourth floor classrooms together. The page also provides instructions to students on how to reserve a room for a study group or student organization meeting. Classroom Calendar Views »

Getting Help

  • The Law College's Technology Services Department provides assistance connecting to the network for free to all MSU Law students. Contact us at or 517.432.9292.
  • MSU's ATS Help Desk provides primary computer and network user support for email, dial-up networking, basic user applications such as Microsoft Office and for general academic computing on the MSU campus. Basic support is provided at no charge. Specialized support is available for a fee. Contact them at or 517.432.6200.

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