Apply to the JD/MBA Program

Applicants must apply for the JD and MBA degree programs separately. Prospective students can apply to both programs concurrently, with the benefit of learning about admission and scholarship aid from each program before enrolling. Alternatively, law students can apply to the MBA program during the first year of law school.

Step 1: Prepare and sit for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

Step 2: Apply online via LSAC.

Learn more about MSU Law’s admission standards and the application timeline.

NEW! The full-time MBA program in the Broad College is now accepting the LSAT in lieu of the GMAT or GRE for JD students as part of a pilot initiative. The Broad College enacted this pilot initiative in an effort to allow more JD students to apply to the dual degree program. Dual degree students bring unique and valuable perspectives to the MBA program, further diversifying and enriching the student and alumni base. 

Applicants must complete and submit the online MSU Full-Time MBA Application. Current MSU JD students will receive an application fee waiver for the Fall 2018 start term. Applicants must still meet all other Full-Time MBA admission criteria.

Learn more about Broad Full-time MBA admission standards.

Receive additional information from the Broad College on this initiative and the JD/MBA.

NOTE: The MBA program will accept scanned copies of your documents to make a decision on your file. However, you are required to submit your original documents if you get admitted to the program. We will accept reference names and contact information in lieu of Letters of Recommendations (if your reference has already filled out the letter of recommendation, we will still accept it).

Tuition for each program is paid separately. Both MSU Law and the Eli Broad College of Business award competitive funding to qualified applicants. Applicants to both programs should apply early for full consideration for available funding.

JD Program: tuition and fees and scholarship opportunities

Full-time MBA: tuition and fees and fellowship opportunities

NOTE: Limited scholarships are available for applicants who apply with the LSAT. To be considered for additional scholarships, applicants are advised to apply with the GMAT or the GRE.