Law - Human Resources and Labor Relations Dual Degree Program

The law intersects with human resources in many ways: from recruiting and training new talent to supervising, disciplining, and terminating employees. As a human resources professional, you can be at the frontline of preventing discrimination in the workplace, and you’ll likely make decisions that directly impact someone’s livelihood.

A legal background combined with HR expertise will aid you in:

  • Bargaining with unions
  • Managing employee relations
  • Building equitable programming
  • Managing confidential personnel records

The combination of a master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations and a law degree will make you a sought-after hire in both professions, enhancing the value of both degrees.

The benefits are there for you – the time benefits, the money benefits, and the people and resources that you need to be successful having both of these degrees and going on the career path that you’re going to want to take with both of these degrees.

David Baker
JD/MHRLR student

Interested in applying? JD/MHRLR students must meet the respective requirements of each program. Admission decisions are made independently by each school.

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