Legal Education Accelerated Program
(3+3 LEAP)

Earn Your Undergraduate and Law Degrees in Six Years

Michigan State University College of Law is committed to recruiting, retaining, and graduating an inclusive student body. In an effort to increase proactive engagement with historically underrepresented and underserved communities through undergraduate partnerships with shared goals and mutual learning, the Legal Education Accelerated Program (3+3 LEAP) provides qualified undergraduate students with the opportunity to apply to earn their undergraduate and Juris Doctor (J.D.) law degrees in six cumulative consecutive years. Students admitted into the 3+3 LEAP complete three-fourths of their undergraduate study and then apply credits earned during their first year of MSU Law study toward the competition of their baccalaureate degree requirements. Through 3+3 LEAP, students reduce the cost of their undergraduate education by as much as 25 percent and enter the legal profession one year earlier than they otherwise would.

To be eligible for 3+3 LEAP and application to the J.D. program at MSU Law, a student must be currently enrolled at a 3+3 LEAP Partner Institution* and must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of:
    • a minimum number of credit hours equal to 120, less the credit hours allocated to the first year J.D. program at MSU College of Law (29);
    • all College or University-level requirements at the currently enrolled undergraduate institution;
    • all institution requirements and the requirements of the specific academic major, as determined by the undergraduate institution; and
    • all requirements of the undergraduate institution that are in addition to the prior two bullets, as determined by the undergraduate institution.
  2. Achieve a cumulative UGPA not less than 3.00, on a 4.00 scale, and a LSAT score not less than 150.
  3. Submit a completed application through LSAC to MSU College of Law by February 1 of the application cycle. All required components of the JD application still apply.
  4. Required application letters of recommendation shall meet at minimum the following:
    • one provided by the undergraduate institution’s 3+3 LEAP or Prelaw advisor.
    • at least one other by faculty, attesting to the student’s preparedness and readiness to begin and be successful in law school.

NOTE: 3+3 LEAP students should start working/consulting with their 3+3 LEAP Advisor at their undergraduate institution as early as possible (at minimum during their first or second year of undergraduate studies).

3+3 LEAP Partner Institutions

* A student enrolled at a college or university that is not a 3+3 LEAP Partner Institution may be considered and granted acceptance to the MSU College of Law as a 3+3 LEAP student if s/he/they meet the above criteria and an agreement can be reached between their undergraduate institution within the application period. Questions regarding this consideration should be directed to the MSU College of Law Office of Admissions. For further questions regarding 3+3 LEAP or to request a phone consultation, please contact the MSU Law Office of Admissions at (517) 432-0222 or