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To maintain integrity and ensure the standards of Michigan State University College of Law, all employers who post any position with the Career Services Office agree to undertake and adhere to the following standards that express the Michigan State University's commitment to non-discrimination, inclusivity, and student safety and well-being:

  1. Notice of Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and non-Retaliation. The university's Anti-Discrimination Policy prohibits acts which discriminate against or result in harassment on the basis of age, color, gender, gender identity, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. See

    MSU Law Non-Discrimination Policy

  2. Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Policy. This prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and prohibits sexual harassment, including gender-based harassment, sexual assault/misconduct, relationship violence and stalking. See

  3. Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act. See

    The MSU College of Law Career Services Office is committed to providing its students and graduates with equal opportunity to obtain employment and is committed to the fulfillment of the above policies.

    The MSU College of Law Career Services Office reserves the right to review and approve or deny any job posting request for any reason.