Support the Conservation Law Center at Michigan State University College of Law

We need your help! If you:

  • Support the continued access of future generations to hunting and fishing opportunities for all,
  • Support scientifically-based research and policy making regarding wildlife, fisheries, and natural resources use and conservation,
  • Support developing opportunities for law students and new attorneys to gain experience and jobs working with fish & wildlife agencies, natural resources agencies, and NGOs dedicated to the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,
  • Support efforts to build the expertise of practicing attorneys and regulators in conservation law, and
  • Support clinical legal education that will make a meaningful difference in the work of everyone involved in the conservation law field

We ask you to support the CLC at Michigan State University College of Law. Not just with your financial support (although that is always welcome), but we also need your support of our students and graduates, and your contributions of ideas, strategies, and connections. Notably, the CLC sponsors multiple alumni events around Michigan, and we hope you will join us at one of these “MSU Law and the Great Outdoors” gatherings!

Additionally, we would like to expressly thank the Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation and Safari Club International for the generous financial support that they have provided to the CLC. The contributions that these organizations have made to the CLC by funding the Neil A. McLean Conservation Law Scholarship make it possible for our students to undertake externships in Washington, D.C. and at state Fish and Wildlife agencies around the country.

In addition to these scholarship opportunities, we are also seeking to fully fund many other activities at the CLC:

  • $2,000,000 for an endowed named chair in conservation law at Michigan State University College of Law. An endowed chair is critical for ensuring that the center maintains a long-term presence at the Law College with a faculty member fully engaged in the scholarly and policy debates surrounding use and conservation of wildlife, fish, and natural resources at the national and state level.
  • $50,000 to endow and fund a speaker series to bring in nationally recognized speakers and panelists in the conservation law field. Events like this expose our students to conservation ethics and generate significant publicity for our center and the field in general.
  • $25,000 will fund a conference in conservation law, bringing together scholars and policy makers on issues such a hunting and fishing rights, wildlife management, logging, mining, and land and water use. The Law College has successfully leveraged many similar conferences to boost our programs’ regional and national reputations
  • $10,000 will fund two alumni events in the state of Michigan, allowing us to build networks between alumni and our conservation law students. Our past events have been extremely successful (and fun!) in bringing together our alumni and generating support for the program.
  • $5,000 will fully fund a summer externship for a conservation law student. Gifts like these, as with the Neil A. McLean Endowed Conservation Law Scholarship from the Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation, with additional generous support from Safari Club International, allow us to help individual students manage the costs of an unpaid summer externship in another city. These scholarships are at the heart of the program, and are a huge boost for the students and for maintaining student involvement in the externship component of the program.

These are just a few of the projects and possibilities we are working on at CLC, and we appreciate any support you can give to the program. If you would like to donate, please contact the Office of Advancement at 517-432-6840.

Please note, however, that CLC will not accept any funding or association with any organization whose goals and philosophy are anti-hunting, anti-fishing, or contrary to the principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Management.