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Please submit this form at least 7 business days before your event. Not for student use.

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Return room to classroom setup in the event setup is changed. Classroom setup: chairs behind tables front facing room.

IPF Service Request?*

(i.e. this may be for doors to be unlocked, additional equipment, tables, chairs, recycling containers, speakers, anything from the setup crew)

If yes, please submit an Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Service Request with the appropriate information and account number.

Business Purpose of Event*
Provide details of your event and those in attendance (if 5 or less).
Reference MSU Manual of Business Procedures for more detail.

Type of Event

Note: You are required to notify the Office of Advancement when MSU Law Alumni may be invited or will be in attendance (including alumni speakers). Please notify the Office of Advancement at alumni@law.msu.edu.

Food to be served?

Suggested Food Vendor

If no preference, please enter 'No preference'.

Tech Services Needed?

If you would like your event to be added to the Spartan Law Docket, please submit the Spartan Law Docket Submission Form. You must submit based on the Law Docket’s submission timeline.


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