• Getting Started

    Appointment Letter

    You have received an appointment letter from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Please complete the form attached to the letter and return it to Teresa Eldred, Human Resources and Operations Manager (Room 404C, 517-432-6819).

    MSU NetID and Password.

    Once your MSU appointment form has been processed, you will be able to receive an MSU NetID and password. You may request an email which will give you access to many MSU systems related to teaching, including course management software (D2L), the MSU libraries and instructor systems. Please contact John Resotko, Assistant Director for Systems Administration (Room 206A, 517-432-6836) to request your email account. (Please note this will be an email address, not a Law College email address, based on your NetID.)


    Email is the primary method for communication at the Law College. Please identify your preferred email address, and send that information to Teresa Eldred (517-432-6819). An adjunct faculty member may set up an MSU email account to keep Law College messages separate from personal/business email. Please contact John Resotko, Assistant Director for Systems Administration (Room 206A, 517-432-6836) to request your email account. (Please note this will be an email address, not a Law College email address, based on your NetID.)

    Orientation Session

    An orientation session for Adjunct Faculty will be held in August to give you the opportunity to find your way around the building, find your classroom and the adjunct offices, meet your secretary and ask any questions you have before the semester starts.

    Secretarial Support

    You have been assigned to one of our faculty secretaries - Isabelle Kinney or Marie Gordon (517-432-6816). Your faculty secretary will assist you in obtaining complimentary copies of textbooks, if requested, in using the copier and ordering supplies, and with preparing your final examination.

    Editing Faculty Profiles

    If you'd like to make any changes to your Faculty Profiles page, please contact Teresa Eldred (517-432-6819).

    Payroll and Accounting

    W-9 forms are available in the Accounting Office and Rhonda Bleisner is available to assist you (Room 306, 517-432-6828).

    Contact List »

  • In the Building


    Prior to the beginning of classes, please see the Accounting Office to pick up the keys you will need in the building.

    You will receive a key to the adjunct offices and a classroom key. The faculty/staff lounge key is the same as the classroom key. There is a copy room (room 413) key hanging in each adjunct office if you need to make copies.


    You have been assigned a mailbox on the third floor by the faculty lounge (Room 349).


    Rooms 354 and 356 are available to adjunct faculty on a first-come basis for student conferences and class preparation. If these offices are in use, Teresa Eldred (517-432-6819) can assist you in finding alternative space.

    Office Supplies

    Office supplies are stored in the fourth floor copy room (room 413). If you need anything that is currently not in stock, see your faculty secretary.

    Staff and Faculty Lounge

    The Staff and Faculty Lounge, room 349, is available for your use. It is not recommended for student meetings.

  • Parking

    Park in the Shaw Ramp parking structure. Parking is strictly enforced until 6:00 p.m. Prior to the beginning of the semester, we will send out first day parking passes to each adjunct faculty member who has a course scheduled for 6:00 p.m. or earlier. Your remaining passes will be located in your mailbox, unless you request otherwise. If you teach an evening course and would like a parking pass for office hours or student meetings, please contact Teresa Eldred.

  • Library Services

    Library Services »

    During the week, reference librarians are on duty from 9:00 to 8:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00 to 5:00 on Friday. Contact the Reference Desk at 517-432-6870 (

    Course websites

    TWEN - Class Internet site through West Education Network ( Contact Daryl Thompson, Technology Services Librarian (517-432-6866) or your faculty secretary for assistance in setting up a TWEN page.

    Desire to Learn (D2L). If you wish to use D2L, the course management system used by MSU, contact Brent Domann, Reference Librarian (517-432-6851) for assistance.

    Daryl Thompson, Technology Services Librarian (517-432-6866) will assist you in creating an MSU Law coded Westlaw password giving you access to your TWEN site and Westlaw for educational purposes. Daryl will also assist you in obtaining Lexis and Bloomberg Law passwords for research related to your courses.

    Copyright Issues

    If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Brent Domann, Reference Librarian (517-432-6851).

    Faculty Database

    We use a custom-designed, password-protected database to initiate and manage service requests. The database automatically routes the request to the appropriate individual for action. Faculty members may use the web site to monitor the progress of requests. For more information on the Faculty Services Database or to schedule training please contact the law library Reference Desk at (517-432-6870).

    Article Submission

    The library can assist you in submitting articles you have written. For more information about article submission, please contact Brent Domann, Reference Librarian (517-432-6851).

  • Safety at the MSU College of Law

    We strongly recommend that faculty, adjunct faculty and staff sign up for the MSU alerts. To do this, go to If you have an MSU NetID and login credentials, you can sign up for MSU alerts. If you do not have a NetID, you can sign up for Nixle alerts. You have the ability to sign up different phone numbers and you should include your cell phone. Please take your cell phones to class. If an incident is identified on campus you will get a text message informing you of the incident and the location. Tornado warnings, active shooter, train incidents, any information the University feels is important for safety on campus, are sent out this way. We always hope there won’t be a reason to use emergency procedures but we have to plan for the possibility. Below are our procedures.


    Always call 911 for fire, explosion, life safety issues, serious injuries, crime in progress, bomb threat or hazardous materials release.


    Should a quick evacuation be necessary, pull the fire alarm. (You would not do this in a shooter situation). A quick evacuation would include fire, explosion or release of hazardous materials. Also, call 911 from a safe location to report the emergency. To stop the spread of toxins or smoke, close doors as you leave. You must always assume the emergency is real and, if possible, take your laptops, coats, purses, backpacks and valuables with you. The building may be closed for some time.

    If you hear an alarm, receive a text, or are directed by an Emergency Coordinator, you are required to evacuate by way of the nearest exit. Please identify yourself if you need assistance to exit.

    Faculty, staff and students are to report to the rally point at the northwest corner of the Shaw Parking Ramp. If the weather is inclement, we will evacuate inside the ramp at the same point. Be sure to let an Emergency Action team member know you have arrived. We will wait at the rally point until further advised by police or fire personnel.

    Tornado Procedure

    Seek shelter if a campus siren sounds, you receive a text from the MSU warning system, a warning is issued on television or radio. The safe area on each floor is an interior room with no windows. If you are in class you are to remain there (unless you are in room 340 – you must move to an interior classroom) until an all clear is given. Do not use the stairs or elevators during a tornado warning.

    There are maps posted in each classroom, at the elevator entrances and near building exits with information on where to go in the event of a tornado. Please familiarize yourself with these maps.

    Automatic External Defibrillator

    Our AED’s are located on the first floor, outside the main library doors. On the third floor it is located on the outside of the main elevator wall. An automatic external defibrillator is designed to help someone having a heart attack. If someone goes down and is unresponsive, call 9-1-1 to ensure medical help is on the way. If you need to use an AED seconds are important. If another person is present, send them to retrieve the AED. If you are alone you must get the AED yourself. When the AED is removed from its case a loud alarm will go off to alert anyone else in the building. Many staff members are trained in CPR and the use of the AED.

    Active Shooter

    When we are notified of an incident in another building, our Emergency Action team is set to lock all the ground floor doors. Signs are posted on the exterior doors to notify anyone trying to come into our building that we are on lockdown. In the building, all classrooms and offices are to be locked and staff, faculty and students are to remain in place until an all clear is given. There will be no reason to change rooms, all classrooms will be locked down.

    Fourth floor classrooms have allen wrenches attached to the door frames to lock these doors. This will allow someone to get out but no one can get in.

    Third floor classrooms have a dead bolt lock. To lock the rooms you will turn the dead bolts on the inside. The only way to open them, from the outside, is with a key. When you are ready to leave the room you can push the handle and this will also release the deadbolt.

    Second floor will be locked by professors and office personnel. The computer lab will be locked by an Emergency Action Team member.

    First floor exterior doors will be locked by Emergency Action Team members and the library will be locked by assigned staff in the library.

    Should there be an active shooter in our building the rules change. Emergency Action team members will not be in the position to do any locking. Please take the time to check your surroundings and devise a plan that would be right for you to exit your area or secure in place.

    If you have any questions, or would like to learn about using the allen wrenches to lock the 4th floor classrooms, please email Teresa Eldred, Human Resources and Operations Manager.