Faculty Emeriti

Bruce W. Bean

A.B. 1964, Brown University; J.D. 1972, Columbia Law School
Professor from Practice 2004-2019
Emeritum since 2019

Nancy Heathcote

B.A. 1962, Radford College; J.D. 1976, Detroit College of Law (now Michigan State University College of Law)
Professor 1981–99, Associate Dean 1989–93
Emeritum since 1999

Joan W. Howarth

A.B. 1972, Smith College; J.D. Order of the Coif 1980, University of Southern California
Dean and Professor of Law (2008-2016)
Dean Emeritum since 2016

Clark C. Johnson

B.A. 1962, University of Michigan; J.D. cum laude 1970, Wayne State University; Certificate 1972, Harvard Law School; Ph.D. 1990, Wayne State University; LL.D. 2002, Michigan State University-DCL College of Law
Professor of Law 1973-2006, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 1984-1985
Emeritum since 2006

Kevin C. Kennedy

B.A. with distinction 1973, University of Michigan; J.D. magna cum laude 1977, Wayne State University; LL.M. 1982, Harvard Law School
Professor 1987–2015
Emeritum since 2015

Mae Kuykendall

B.A. summa cum laude 1969, University of Houston; M.A. 1972 and Ph.D. 1980, University of North Carolina; J.D. cum laude 1985, Harvard Law School
Professor 1995-2022
Emeritum since 2023

Anne Lawton

A.B. with honors 1982, University of Michigan; M.B.A. 1986, University of Michigan; J.D. cum laude 1986, University of Michigan Law School
Bar Admissions: Massachusetts, Michigan
Associate Professor 2008-2013, Professor of Law 2013-2021
Emeritum since 2021

Daniel E. Manville

B.S. 1974, Central Michigan University; B.G.S. 1976, Wayne State University College of Lifelong Learning; J.D. 1981, Antioch School of Law; M.A. 1984, Michigan State University
Bar Admissions: Michigan, District of Columbia
Clinical Professor 2011-2023
Emeritum since 2023

Amy C. McCormick

B.S.B.A. magna cum laude 1988, Georgetown University; J.D. cum laude 1991, Harvard Law School
Bar Admissions: Michigan, California, District of Columbia
Professor of Law 1994-2013
Emeritum since 2013

Robert A. McCormick

B.A., cum laude, Michigan State University, 1969; J.D. University of Michigan, 1973
Bar Admissions: Colorado, Michigan
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 1986–89, Professor of Law 1979–2013
Emeritum since 2013

Matthew McKinnon

B.S. 1961, University of Detroit; J.D. 1972, Detroit College of Law (now Michigan State University College of Law)
Bar Admissions: Michigan 1972
Assistant Professor 1972–74,  Associate Professor 1974–76, Professor 1977–2002
Emeritum since 2002

Kathleen E. Payne

B.A. 1967, Michigan State University; M.A. 1970, Eastern Michigan University; J.D. 1977, Detroit College of Law; LL.M. 1981, University of Michigan
Professor of Law 1980-2019
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 2009-2013
Emeritum since 2019

Brenda Jones Quick

B.A. 1981, University of Louisville; J.D. 1985, University of Louisville
Bar Admissions: Kentucky 1985, Michigan 1993
Associate Professor 1989–93, Professor 1993–2001, Associate Dean 1995–98
Emeritum since 2001

Cynthia Lee Starnes

B.S., with High Honors, Michigan State University, 1973; J.D., cum laude, Indiana University School of Law, 1983; LL.M., Columbia University School of Law, 1989
Professor of Law 1989-2021; Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 2007-2009
Emeritum since 2021

Kevin W. Saunders

A.B. 1968, Franklin and Marshall College; M.S. 1970; MA, 1976; and PhD 1978, University of Miami; J.D. with high honors 1984, University of Michigan
Professor of Law 2002-2021, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 2006-07, Acting Dean 2006-2007
Emeritum since 2021

Elliot A. Spoon

B.A., 1973, University of Michigan; J.D. cum laude, 1975, University of Michigan
Professor of Law in Residence; Assistant Dean for Career Development, 2004-2014
Emeritum since 2022

Charles J. Ten Brink

B.S. with Honors Michigan State University, 1976; A.M.L.S. University of Michigan, 1985; J.D. with Honors University of Michigan, 1979
Professor of Law; Director of Library & Technology Services, 2001 to 2008; Associate Dean for Library & Technology Services, 2008 to 2019
Emeritum since 2023