Cyra Choudhury

Visiting Professor of Law
Law College Building
648 N. Shaw Lane Rm 419
East Lansing, MI 48824-1300

  • Courses

    Family Law: Marriage & Divorce
    (Formerly Family Law I: Marriage & Divorce) This course examines laws governing entry into marriage, access to divorce, the economics of divorce (property distribution, alimony and child support), child custody, premarital agreements, and cohabitation. Students may take Family Law: Marriage & Divorce and Family Law: Child, Family, and State in any order or at the same time.

    Law, Science, and Technology
    This course is about the role that science and technology play in the law. As scientific knowledge and technology advance, law is increasingly called to rely on them, to adjudicate disputes about them, to employ experts, and to regulate them. Law is embroiled in science and technology from copyright disputes to the use of forensics, from the use of algorithms to the use of surveillance technology to police and regulate society. International law has had to grapple with the use of autonomous weapons and the possible use of robots and cyberattacks. This course examines law’s interaction with science and technology in specific fields like criminal law, evidence, family law, bioethics, employment and labor, environment, and international law. It relies on a law and society approach to explore both what the law has done and what it should do. We will explore both traditional legal texts, social science, science, and popular artistic explorations in science fiction. This course is not a technical approach to either science or technology and no scientific background is required. The emphasis is on law.