Financing Your Law Degree

Admitted Students: Who should I talk to? (PDF)

The Office of Financial Aid continues to experience high call volume, due to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. As a result, your email may not be answered as urgently as it normally would be. If you need assistance in getting answers to your financial aid questions, please email the MSU College of Law Office of Admissions at and we’ll work to get you the information you need. You may also call the Office of Admissions at (517) 432-0222.

MSU Law students finance their education with a variety of resources -- personal savings and family assistance, scholarships, employment, and student loans. All of this can be overwhelming, so our goal is to do whatever we can to make the process easier for – and on – you.

Our Law School Financial Guide is also a great resource for learning about the financial aid process.

We’re here to help with whatever questions you have. Please call the Law College’s Office of Admissions at (517) 432-0222 to schedule an in-person or phone consultation with us. You can also email questions to anytime.

Applying for external (non-MSU Law) scholarships, grants or other aid to offset the cost of your degree? Your award may impact your loan eligibility. Questions? Read the Institutional Awards Policy or email