Study Abroad in Poland

Michigan State University College of Law

Institute for Comparative Law & Jurisprudence

The Summer 2024 Poland Study Abroad Program has been cancelled.

The Institute for Comparative Law & Jurisprudence is a fantastic opportunity for American law students interested in international and comparative law to spend up to four weeks studying with Polish and other European law students from the University of Białystok Law Faculty in Białystok, Poland. Beyond the substantive law that you will study, this program is one of the few in the world that combines students from American institutions with their counterparts from the host country. The resulting educational experience provides a unique perspective as you work alongside students from different legal cultures.

The Program

The program consists of four classes (one credit each):

  • Constitutional Law of the European Union (with a specific emphasis on comparative US-EU Constitutional Law)
  • Comparative Human Rights in Eastern and Central Europe
  • International Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Rule of Law Jurisprudence

Participants will take all four classes during the three-week program.