Top 5 Reasons to Apply for Fieger TPI

There are dozens of reasons to jumpstart your career with TPI participation, but here are our top 5:

  1. Refine your speaking skills. Oral advocacy is a critical trial component, and TPI will put you in front of audiences for two years. Our continual feedback process will increase your skills and your confidence.
  2. Build an amazing portfolio. Prepare to stand out, because by the time you graduate, you’ll have a professional-quality set of portfolio pieces – from complaints to briefs. It’s an automatic attention-grabber in hiring situations.
  3. Beat the curve in tech training. Your training in the high-tech TPI courtroom will prepare you to hit the ground running in legal practice.
  4. Develop faculty mentors. Tired of sitting in big lectures? You’ll get to know your professors one-on-one in TPI courses. Your interaction will extend beyond the classroom, as you learn what life as a practicing litigator is really like.
  5. Connect with a classroom community. You’re all working on the same projects, sharing ideas in class, and striving for similar career goals. Spending two years with about 30 other TPI students creates close lifelong connections.