2024 National Trial Competition-Texas Young Lawyers Association
Thursday, February 8 ‐ Saturday, February 10, 2024

Region 7

We cordially invite you to extend your support to the TYLA-NTC mock trial initiative. Your contributions are essential in shaping adept practitioners of law, honing their skills in a manner that classroom learning alone cannot achieve. Financial support from the legal community is vital to defray the costs associated with administering this competition, including the privilege of accessing the federal courthouse—a venue that adds a profound layer of realism and gravity to the experience. Your commitment to this cause not only enhances the educational journey of these aspiring attorneys but also upholds the tradition of excellence in our legal profession. We are grateful for your consideration and support.

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Contact Prof. Veronica Valentine McNally, Director of Trial Advocacy & Director of Externships, valent29@law.msu.edu, 517-432-6969.