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2016 Incoming Class Profile

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2016 Incoming Class Profile

Applications Received 2,389 Undergraduate Colleges Represented 136
Offers of Admission 1,069 Undergraduate Majors Represented 44
Acceptance Rate (Selectivity) 45% States Represented 31
First Year Class Size 264 International Students 11
Credentials of First Year Students   Percent of Class - Michigan Residents 47%
Upper Quartile LSAT 156 Ethnic Composition of the Class (U.S. Residents)  
Median LSAT 154 American Indian/Alaskan Native 8
Lower Quartile LSAT 150 Asian 9
Upper Quartile UGPA 3.72 Black/African American 20
Median UGPA 3.51 Caucasian/White 188
Lower Quartile UGPA 3.17 Hispanic/Latino 19
Percent of Class that is Female 50% Not Reported 9
Percent of Class that is Male 50% Diversity as % of US Residents Reporting Ethnicity 23%

Class profile information reflects enrollment on the first day of class.

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