Scholarships for Incoming Law Students

An MSU Law degree's value is enhanced by our generous scholarship program.

Apply Now

MSU Law has a PRIORITY DEADLINE of MARCH 1. Applying by this date puts applicants in the best possible position for a timely decision and scholarship consideration. Applicants who apply and are admitted after the priority deadline will continue to be reviewed for scholarships based on fund availability.

Things to Know

  1. Our scholarships are merit-based. However, merit is defined at MSU Law based on a holistic review of an applicant's file. This means we take into account personal as well as academic background, professional and volunteer experience, service in leadership roles, and any other relevant information contained in or submitted with the application. Therefore, numbers (LSAT and GPA) alone, while important, do not dictate scholarship awards. 
  2. All admitted applicants are automatically considered for institutional scholarship aid. No separate application or FAFSA is required for consideration. However, submitting a FAFSA as soon as possible helps our Director of Financial Aid immensely for his process.
  3. Scholarship recipients are notified of their award in their offer of admission letter.
  4. Scholarships are automatically renewable for all three years of study as long as the recipient maintains good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above).
  5. Scholarship Award Terms change from year to year and the terms that govern a particular award are included in an admitted student’s official admissions packet. Note: Information related to scholarship increases, whether found online or in print form, based on first year academic performance do not apply to the 2018 incoming class or beyond.