Tuition & Fees

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Michigan State Law creates a student budget (also known as “cost of attendance”) for each academic year. The student budget consists of direct costs (i.e., tuition and fees) and indirect costs (housing, food, transportation, etc.).

Effective with the 2017-18 academic year, tuition is assessed at a "block rate" whereby students enrolled in 10-17 credit hours in the fall or spring semester pay a standard rate. Students taking less than 10 credit hours in a semester are assessed tuition on a per-credit hour basis and students enrolled in more than 17 credit hours a semester will be assessed a per-credit hour surcharge. A full-time first-year student will take 28 or 29 credit hours, with 88 credit hours required for graduation from the College of Law.

Additional financial aid information for prospective students.

Projected Cost of Attendance for 2018-2019
(Fall and Spring only)
Tuition $44,200
Fees $32
Average Stafford Fees $218
Books $1,680
Room and Board $13,184
Transportation/Personal/Misc. $3,740
Medical N/A**
TOTAL $63,154

1L students should add $200 for the RWA Lab fee (total budget would be $63,354).

We have moved to a new financial aid system for 2018-2019 which packages aid based on actual tuition costs and current class level. It is possible that your budget will be revised based on class level and enrollment changes.

** The cost of health insurance is not included in the budget as most students can still be covered through their parents' insurance. If you will be using the MSU student health insurance plan, or have coverage of another kind, then please contact the financial aid office at or 517-432-6810.  We can include ONLY the MSU plan cost in the COA. Review more information about the MSU Student Health Insurance Plan.