MSU College of Law

Reciprocity Information and Procedures

For MSU Law Students/Graduates

The Career Services Office will make a request on behalf of an MSU law student or graduate for reciprocal services with another ABA-accredited law school. 

If you are interested in requesting reciprocal services with another ABA-accredited law school, please contact Deborah Almasy in the Career Services Office at 517-432-6858 or  Please include your name, current contact information, class year/graduation year, and the school name you would like a request for reciprocity to be made on your behalf.

Please be advised that some law schools do not provide students/graduates granted reciprocity with electronic access to their job postings or may charge such students/graduates a subscription fee.

Law schools in certain geographical areas such as New York, Southern California, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Washington D.C. restrict the number of schools to which a student/graduate may have access though reciprocity.  Therefore, when making your request to the Career Services Office, you may wish to list more than one school and if you do so, please prioritize the list.

For Students/Graduates of Other Law Schools

The following policy applies to students and alumni of ABA-accredited law schools requesting assistance from MSU Law Career Services.