Maximize Your Spartan Advantage:
Customized Dual Degrees

Law degrees are great, but sometimes you need to think outside the law. Michigan State's many professional degrees provide many opportunities to broaden your expertise with a dual degree.

No matter what you’re passionate about, MSU offers a career-enhancing specialization.

It’s an opportunity to develop a broader perspective on your field, work with another set of experts, and apply your legal expertise in another environment. Law has a powerful impact on virually every field of study, so learn where an MSU dual degree can take you.

Recent custom degree programs include:

  • JD-MA in English
  • JD-MS in Fisheries & Wildlife
  • JD-MS in Forestry
  • JD-MA in Interdisciplinary Programs in Health and Humanities
  • JD-MA in Human Resources & Labor Relations
  • JD-MS in Community, Agricultural, Recreation, and Resources Studies
  • JD-Master in Urban and Regional Planning