Spartan Lawyers
Are Ready for Anything.

Whatever your career goals are, our curriculum will help you to achieve them. From core curricular strengths and certificate programs to the Trial Practice Institute, you’ll customize your studies so you’re prepared to succeed.

EXPLORE THE LAW. Maybe you know exactly how you’ll use your law degree, and maybe you don’t. Either way, our flexible and customizable curriculum will allow you to experience the full range of legal fields.

Our programs and focus areas provide course groupings, allowing you to build your expertise in a particular area of legal practice. Some of our most popular programs include preparing for the courtroom through the Trial Practice Institute, pursuing a dual JD/MBA from MSU’s Broad School of Business, and building mediation skills with Alternative Dispute Resolution. You can enrich your classroom experience by building hands-on lawyering experience in our clinical and externship programs. Our curriculum is structured around four core learning outcomes (PDF) and designed so that whatever path you choose, you’ll leave MSU Law prepared to excel in your field.

We offer approximately 140 different elective courses every year, with instructional styles that range from classic Socratic lectures to intimate, discussion-driven seminars. You’ll be inspired by our passionate (and accomplished) faculty members. Under their guidance, you’ll discover your passion for subjects that you never knew existed. Their unique perspectives on the law will shape your career for years to come.