1. E-mail

    E-mail is the official means of communication between MSU College of Law and the student body. When an MSU Law administrator or department sends out a communication by e-mail, the student is deemed to have received notice of the communication.

    Several sections of this policy originate from the MSU Student E-mail Communications Notice originally published February 15, 2006.
    Revised February 28, 2006.

    1. Student Responsibility

      Students are responsible for reading any and all electronic communications sent to your MSU e-mail account from MSU College of Law administration and departments. Certain communications may be time-sensitive. Failure to read official MSU College of Law communications sent to the students' official MSU e-mail addresses does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of those communications.

      Each MSU Law student has an MSU e-mail account and is responsible for checking this account. This is the only e-mail address that the College of Law will centrally maintain for sending official communications to students.

      Each student must manage his or her University e-mail account to ensure that the Inbox file has sufficient space to allow for e-mail delivery. Students act at their own risk and should take precautions if they choose to have their e-mail forwarded to an e-mail address other than their official MSU e-mail address.

    2. Spam Filters

      Commercial and other e-mail services sometimes block e-mail from external sources. "Spam" filters applied outside of the MSU Mail e-mail service may block e-mail that the student needs to receive. MSU is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission of or access to e-mail forwarded to any e-mail address other than the official MSU e-mail address, or which may be blocked by spam filters other than those applied by the Mail.msu e-mail system itself. As a result, the student might not receive official e-mails from MSU Law.

      Any such difficulties will not absolve students of their responsibility to know and comply with the content of official communications sent to students' official MSU e-mail addresses.

      Therefore, students are strongly encouraged not to forward their MSU e-mail address and instead to get into the habit of checking their MSU e-mail account daily.

    3. Processing Student Requests via E-mail

      MSU College of Law departments (example: Registrar's Office, Financial Aid) will NOT process any written requests that come from personal e-mail addresses. Make sure you use your MSU e-mail address when you make an inquiry or request via e-mail with College of Law departments.