Credit/No Credit Grading Option


  1. Credit Hour Limitation

    Students may elect to register for one (1) elective offering, with a maximum of four (4) total credit hours (or six (6) total credit hours for approved graduate level courses that are taken pursuant to the rule under "Visiting Other Colleges, MSU Colleges, and ABA Law Schools") to be graded on a Credit/No Credit rather than a letter grade basis.

  2. Requirements and Rules

    1. The election must be made through the Student Services portal. Students must complete the Credit/No Credit Grading Option Request within five (5) days of grades for that semester being released via this link the Student Services Portal. The Registrar's office retrieves your submissions directly through the portal. 
    2. It is not available for:
      1. Required courses
      2. Experiential learning courses
      3. Courses taken to satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR)
      4. Courses taken to satisfy a concentration or certificate programs
      5. Courses offered only on a Pass/Fail basis, such as Moot Court and externships, and make-up examination grades.
    3. Electing a course CR/NC from the menu of required Core Courses would result in that course not counting toward Core Courses graduation requirement.
    4. A student must receive a minimum passing grade of "C" or better in order to receive the grade of "CR" (credit). If a student receives a grade of "C –" or below then a grade of "NC" (no credit) will be granted for the course.

(Updated: 8/15/22)