Faculty Committees

There are two faculty committees which require a student representative. The student representative is entitled to one (1) vote, but cannot be present at the discussion nor vote on individual readmission decisions. Students are selected for these positions by the Student Bar Association (SBA) and must have maintain a class rank at or above the 25th Percentile to serve. Student representatives meet with their respective faculty committee, submit suggestions to the committee, and survey the student body for input as needed. The faculty committees with student representatives are:

  1. Curriculum: The Curriculum Committee shall have the delegated authority for making recommendations to the Faculty Assembled for the maintenance and development of a sound curriculum.
  2. Academic Standards: The Academic Standards Committee shall have the primary responsibility for the development of those rules and regulations that are necessary for the academic integrity of the College.

Amended: 8/29/18

Updated: 8/30/18