1. Journals

    MSU College of Law has two official student-edited journals: Michigan State Law Review, Michigan State International Law Review, and one peer reviewed journal: Animal and Natural Resource Law Review. A student interested in becoming a member of a journal should make direct contact with the editorial board of the journal.

  2. Competition Teams

    Competition Participation, Funding, and Recognition

    1. Any student participating in an inter-school competition must be recognized as a member of an official MSU Law Competition Team. To be recognized as members, students shall:
      1. Apply under a tryout or application process overseen by the Competition Committee;
      2. Be selected by the faculty member assigned to advise and/or coach the team;
      3. Meet any necessary course pre-requisites;
      4. Enroll in a recognized clinic or competition course overseeing the competition team (each of which will be graded pass/fail and offered for either 1 or 2 credits) during the semester(s) the competition takes place; and
      5. Satisfy any participation and service requirements set by the "Board of Advocates," the student organization promoting excellence in advocacy skills.
    2. Students may not compete, or self-fund their participation or travel, in any inter-school competitions that have not been recognized, in the current academic year, as approved competitions for student participation. A student or faculty member who desires for the College of Law to participate in an inter-school skills competition that has not been officially recognized shall provide a written request to the Associate Dean for Experiential Education no later than March 15 of the academic year prior to the academic year in which the competition will take place. The Associate Dean, in consultation with the Competitions Committee, will approve or deny the request. lf the request is approved, any students competing on the approved team must be selected under the process articulated in Section 1.

      The written request for competition approval must include the following:
      1. The name of a full- or part-time faculty member willing to coach the team and teach the requisite competition course;
      2. A description of the benefits of MSU Law's participation in the competition, to both the Law College and any prospective competitors;
      3. A draft budget detailing all registration and travel costs;
      4. The number of students necessary to field the competition team; and
      5. Written confirmation and affirmation that a sufficient number of students have indicated interest in participating on the team.
    3. Public Display of Competition Awards
      1. Competition trophies and plaques reflecting outstanding performance that recipients wish to have publicly displayed should be delivered to the Office of Student Affairs. Awards, such as plaques and certificates that merely recognize participation in a competition, are ineligible for display.
      2. Awards will be displayed in the cases located outside of Dean’s Suite on the third floor and across from the Moot Courtroom entrance on the fourth floor.
      3. The most recent awards will be displayed in the case outside the Dean’s Suite
      4. When the display case outside the Dean’s Suite is full the oldest award in the case will be moved to the display case located across from the Moot Courtroom entrance on the fourth floor.
      5. When the fourth floor display case is full the oldest award will be removed by the Office of Student Affairs. OSA will then archive the award, or display it in another fashion, such as wall mounting, if appropriate.

Updated August 15, 2022.