Jurisprudence Achievement Award (JP Award)

In recognition of student achievement in the study of law, Michigan State University College of Law will award the Jurisprudence Achievement Award (JP Award) to students who meet the following criteria. NOTE: Faculty are not required to grant a Jurisprudence Achievement Award for every course they instruct.

  1. Issuance

      1. Awarded each semester (including summer semester) to the highest achieving student receiving an "A" in an eligible course and at the discretion of the faculty member.
      2. There can be only one award recipient in each course per semester. In the event of a tie, it is within the sole discretion of the professor to name the recipient.
      3. Notation of the Award will appear on the recipient's transcripts.
      4. Recipients will receive a certificate suitable for framing that contains the following information:
      5. i. Recipient’s name
      1. ii. Course title
      1. iii. Professor’s name
      1. iv. Semester award was earned
      1. v. Signature of the dean
  2. Course Eligibility Guidelines

    1. Course must be graded and grading must be under the sole control of the professor.
    2. Automatic pass/fail courses are ineligible (e.g., Moot Court Class Competition), but courses that students can elect to take as Credit/No Credit are eligible.
    3. Students taking make-up exams are not eligible for the Award.

      Updated January 31, 2017