Pass/Fail Option

J.D. Students: Effective Fall 2005, the Pass/Fail Option was replaced with the Credit/No Credit Option.

Note: Any credits taken prior to Fall 2005 under the Pass/Fail option will count toward the maximum credits allowed under the Credit/No Credit option.

LL.M./M.J./M.L.S. Student Guidelines for Pass/Fail Grading option:

  1. LL.M./M.J./M.L.S. students may elect no more than one (1) elective offering with a maximum of three (3) credits as Pass/Fail. Students who sign up for more than the maximum credits available under the Pass/Fail option will have the course that exceeds the maximum credits graded.
  2. You must receive a grade of “D-” or better in order to receive the grade of “P” (Pass). If you earn a grade of “F” you will receive a grade of “F” (Fail) for the course.
  3. LL.M./M.J./M.L.S. students may elect a grade of pass/fail within 5 business days after all grades are released to students.

Amended February 20, 2019

Updated: July 21, 2021