Student Resources

At MSU Law, we care about your personal well-being as well as your academic achievement, as they are symbiotically related. The OSA’s health and wellness initiatives help you embrace healthy habits as you navigate the unique demands of law school. The office’s compassionate and professional staff provide one-on-one counseling and referrals to outside resources if you find yourself facing any personal challenges. We understand that such matters may also impact your academic performance at the Law College. Please know that you can stop by suite 308 or set up a time to chat with the Assistant Dean for Student and Academic Affairs, Abijah Taylor (, to talk about what is going on and discuss various solutions. We are in touch with many great local resources that can be a great next step. Whether your issue is academic or personal, we can be a safe place for you to come get the support you need.

  • Student Wellness

    Wellness is the integration of all dimensions of health and the awareness that all of these dimensions are interconnected. Each dimension must be nurtured for your holistic growth and success.

    • Physical: Ergonomics, Sleep, Fitness, Immune support
    • Emotional: Stress, Procrastination, Depression, Happiness
    • Spiritual: Spirituality or Religion, Acceptance, Sense of Community
    • Intellectual: Motivation, Passion, Drive, Challenge
    • Occupational: Financial Wellness, Career Objectives, Networking
    • Social: Stress outlets, Friendships, Relationships, Sense of Connection

    Ways to Care for your Physical Wellness

    • Eat healthy
    • Exercise regularly
    • Treat illness as it crops up
    • Handle emergency illness/injury right away
    • Develop a weekly outlet for your stress that you integrate into your time management schedule
  • Accommodations

    The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD) assists students, faculty, and staff by maximizing ability and opportunity for full participation at MSU. If you are a student or employee at MSU, and you have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity, you can register with the RCPD and you may be eligible to receive accommodations. Please note this information is kept strictly confidential. Self-identification is voluntary. However, if you have a disability, not registering with the RCPD may delay or compromise the availability of accommodations. As many reasonable accommodations require significant pre-planning, registration with the RCPD prior to situations requiring accommodations is essential.

  • University and Emergency Resources

    MSU Food Bank

    MSU Counselling and Psychiatric Services

    Undocumented Student Resources

    MSU Police and Public Safety

    • 911 Emergencies
    • 517-355-2221 Non-Emergencies

    Olin Heath Center

    • 517-884-6546 General Information
    • 517-353-5557 24-Hour Phone Nurse
    • 517-353-4660 Appointments

    National Suicide Prevention

    • 1-800-273-TALK(8255) 24-Hour Lifeline

    MSU Counseling Center Sexual Assault Program

    • 517-372-6666 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line
    • 517-355-3551 Office Line

    MSU Safe Place

    • 517-355-1100 Office Line

    EVE (End Violent Encounters)

    • 517-372-5572 24-Hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line