Student Lockers

To meet students' needs we have a limited number of lockers in the Law College available at no cost. Not every student needs or wants a locker. Consider registering for one if you have physical limitations that will make it difficult to carry books for more than one class at a time, or if you are a commuter student who will be in the building for long periods of time. Please review the Locker Map within the Law College building before registering. Below are locker registration instructions for the 2023-24 school year:

Registration will begin the first week of classes for all students. It will be a fillable Google form, and you MUST use your MSU email address.

If you already have a locker, you will keep that until you finish your 3L year at the Law College. If you no longer need a locker, contact, letting us know and we will make your locker available for other students.

If by any chance you did not register for a locker at the beginning of the year and want one, at any time you can contact, and we will provide you with a locker.

If your Student Organization has a locker, you may continue to keep that locker. If your Student Organization needs a locker, contact

Updated May 11, 2023