Hands-on Learning in Fieger TPI

Practice makes perfect litigators. There’s nothing passive about the TPI curriculum - students spend two years rehearsing trial practice fundamentals in MSU Law’s high-tech courtroom. Reading assignments are paired with perfecting courtroom presentations and materials, making TPI a great experience for active learners.

Continual prep builds confidence. Students develop their skills by conducting full trials in front of actual judges and juries, and receiving personalized feedback. Since TPI instructors are practicing litigators, they’re able to offer valuable constructive criticism based their years of courtroom experience. It’s a unique opportunity to be coached in a safe environment before entering the workforce.

Master the whole process. It’s critical to understand the way a full trial works, from the alleged incident to sentencing. TPI students engage with every step of the process. Preparation goes beyond courtroom performance – students learn how to navigate the pre-trial process, draft pleadings, and file motions. By the time they graduate, they’ve covered every aspect of trial practice.